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On the Nightstand

I try to stay away from simply publishing lists, however the following are causing me great enjoyment (personal and professional) at the moment:

This item was posted by Dan Rubin on Friday, May 23rd, 2003.


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2 comments on “On the Nightstand”

  1. Posted by Adam on Sunday, May 25th, 2003.

    ‘Workflow that works’ is a great book with some very useful downloads, specifically the client survey and spec sheet. I look forward to landing a project with a flexible enough budget that I can apply all of the recommendations though!

  2. Posted by Dan on Sunday, May 25th, 2003.

    Yes, I’ve already downloaded everything I could :-)

    It’s quite a good read, and the examples are terrific — I too am looking forward to putting some of these ideas to use, but as you say, budget is an issue…