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Newsfeeds (sometimes referenced by their formats, such as RSS or Atom) allow you, the reader, to access the content of this site (or any other providing a ‘feed’) via a program called a newsreader, without having to deal with all the nasty, ugly visual elements of the design–ok, I know this is a really lame explanation of feeds, but I’ve spent literally minutes attempting to write something better than Dave Shea’s description of rss syndication, and since I can’t, well, there you have it.

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Reading Lessons

Need a newsreader? No problem–just check out one of these fine hyperlinks: NetNewsWire (Mac), FeedDemon (PC), or for you “web-application-lovers” (I just know there’s an alt.web.2.0.application.sex.ducttape.gerbils on some newsgroup server somewhere…), try BlogLines or NewsGator Online.