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Apples and Oranges

Thursday, June 10th, 2004

My second column, entitled “Apples
and Oranges
,” was published over at Digital
Web Magazine
, while being asleep. This time around I take a shot at understanding
the relation between the fields of usability and design and why, more often than
not, they collide. Yup, that topic — again. Both fields are mandatory and
I think the web at large, as well as high technology in general, will benefit
greatly from a (better) mutual understanding. Digital Web Magazine now features
the possibility to comment on articles, so consequently comments on this entry
are closed, but
speak out

This column would not have been half as good if it wasn’t for the valuable
feedback of Donna
. Who? Yup, Donna! Remember her name because there’s a lot
this lady has to let know — mark my words (the pressure is on!) Additionally
you can read Donna’s
for more background information on her professional experience. Coincidentally
Donna is married to the Michael Moore of design, none other than my friend Andrei
Herasimchuk. Both are currently enjoying their honeymoon on the wonderful Greek
island of Santorini. I just came back from Greece (Crete) and I already want
to return. Enjoy your time in Greece, both of you, you deserve it, and keep
those superb


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