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Style Master 3.5 Quick Review

Style Master 3.5Due
to rapid gain in popularity of CSS-based design among web designers and developers
more and more specialized WYSIWYG tools are becoming available to edit stylesheets.
Westciv’s StyleMaster
is going to seduce both the novice user as well as the confirmed stylesheet
expert. Style Master 3.5 has an intuitive and complete interface — configuring
the various dialog boxes to fit my personal preferences was done in a mere 5

Some interesting options include Support Watcher to crosscheck compatibility
of different elements and Live Preview to instantly view changes in an HTML
document. Personally I enjoyed using the Statements List dialog box together
with the Properties dialog box to quickly make adjustments to specific rules,
while still being able to handcode if required. However it must be noted that
while Smart property editors (context sensitive editing) is a very practical
tool, it will, unfortunately, considerably slow down the application.*

Style Master 3.5 includes a number of helpful wizards that generate layout
elements, navigational elements as well as link styles, among others. These wizards
are great tools to learn CSS by example but also a valuable timesaver for more
experienced coders. Style Master 3.5 comes with comprehensible help files, tutorials
and links to online resources, weblogs and books.

Priced at a more than reasonable $59.99 Style Master 3.5 is available
for both Mac OSX and Windows
. The application instantly seduced me by it’s
ease-of-use, robustness and assortment of options and features. Give
it a try

* Tested on Windows XP, P4 1.5 GHz and 512MB RAM

This item was posted by dhilhorst on Thursday, March 4th, 2004.


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