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Recent Site Additions

Those of you who visit this site daily will have noticed a few sporadic changes over the last week. This site (if you didn’t realize it already) is being redesigned in public (polite nod to Zeldman), and as such you may need to reload the page to see everything correctly. You might even need to reload the stylesheet(s) to see the changes:

The style switcher in the sidebar has been converted to images (rather than the original text format), so it takes up less vertical space and thus can be left visible at all times. An additional alternate color scheme has been added as an homage to DaringFireball, Jon Grubers terrific blog. I hope he doesn’t sue me or anything…

Also added is a rotating image on the home page and a few sub-pages. The script used to select and display the random images is by Charles Dietlein, and it kicks butt.

Please comment on these changes/additions, and let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see me try :-)

This item was posted by Dan Rubin on Saturday, May 17th, 2003.


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2 comments on “Recent Site Additions”

  1. Posted by Adam on Tuesday, May 20th, 2003.

    It works well, but I don’t see the point of the extra: toggle type switcher. And the style switcher is the most prominent thing in the sidebar due to it’s high placement, and colour, when it’s really a utility isn’t it?

    There’s the possibility of changing the layout in the switcher, that isn’t done at all. perhaps a left-right col switcher?

  2. Posted by Dan on Tuesday, May 20th, 2003.

    Thanks for your comments Adam!

    Sometimes it takes a second set of eyes to point out some darned obvious stuff. I agree completely with your style switcher points, and have done some reorganization to solve the problems.

    The type switcher was more of an experiment on my part, just to try some different things with changing the type styles independently from the rest of the styles. It has now been removed (experiment finished).

    I’ve been playing around with some more complex stylesheet changes, but nothing has worked that I’m satisfied with so far. Eventually I’ll add at least one style which changes the layout, rather than just the colors.

    Thanks again, and keep the comments coming!