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Safari Tweaks

Monday, November 3rd, 2003

I’ve now been running OS X 10.3 as my primary OS for a full week, and I’m very happy I waited for Panther. The OS is much faster than previous versions, and some of the little bugs that irked me with Jaguar et al are gone (for instance, not being able to send a file to the trash using Command-Delete if that file’s name was being edited — this is fixed in 10.3, and now matches the OS 9 behavior).

Now that I’m using OS X full-time, I’m also using Safari as my default browser (Apple made some nice adjustments to the version included with Panther as well, such as the new tab-specific error messages), and I was annoyed enough by a little display problem on this site to finally fix it: the icons for Permalink and Comments always lined up a few pixels too low on Safari (though they displayed fine on every other browser), and I’ve now fixed the problem using CSS (you may need to reload to see the changes). By setting those images to vertical-align: middle; and padding-top: -1px; they finally display properly in Safari, and in other browsers.



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Pixel Patterns

Monday, October 27th, 2003

A while ago, I tried my hand at creating pixel patterns for tiling backgrounds, and submitted them to k10k’s pattern repository. Recently, I came across a terrific site using one of my patterns, and showing it off to fantastic result. The personal site of Jeff Croft uses one of my pixel patterns twice, and the result is wonderful. His site is very well designed, and one of the nicest blog designs I’ve seen.

Check it out, and leave him a nice comment or two about the patterns ;-)



Marlins 4, Yankees 2

Sunday, October 26th, 2003

Though some said it couldn’t be done, the Marlins have pulled off a win in the Championship-clinching game 6 of the World Series, beating the Yankees 2-0, and winning the series 4-2.

Best of all, Josh Beckett pitched the entire game, and tagged the runner for the final out. Brilliant.



Giving Clients Access to PSD’s

Friday, October 24th, 2003

I’ve got a question for any of you with experience in graphic design regarding client access to original artwork (in my specific case, original layered Photoshop files).

We have a client who has requested that we send them the original PSD file for the comps we’ve just produced, since they are on a tight budget and feel they can more easily experiment with the design and layout if they have the original file, as opposed to just telling us their thoughts about the design. We have a policy in place which restricts access to the original source files, unless a client has specifically requested that access, and has paid for the privilege. This policy exists because we’ve been burned in the past by “nice” clients whom we’ve trusted, who have skipped out on the remainder of a project once we let them have copies of our source files.

I’d love some opinions on the best practice for this situation. How have you dealt with it before? What was the client’s reaction?

Be kind in the comments, as our clients read this site too :-)



Schools Switching from Macs to “Personal Computers”

Tuesday, October 7th, 2003

File this under the “bullshit” category: Schools in Pinellas County, Florida will be switching from Macs to “Personal Computers” for stupid reasons (aside from the fact that they apparently do not realize that Macs are personal computers too).

One teacher is quoted stating “With PCs, the kids should get more computer time” and “I usually like to work with PCs, with Window [sic] because you’re not limited as much.” To quote further from the article, “Teacher Tenishela Barganier says she remembers being nervous about the switch at first, but thinks personal computers are a better tool for teaching students.”

And this from the District’s IT manager: “…the only significant cost factor will be paying two different staffs to maintain the two systems.”

I understand the basic concept behind the switch, but I don’t agree with giving a false impression that Macs are somehow inferior, when it’s more likely that the School District’s IT staff is simply incompetent.



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