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Flickr Old Skool Badges

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

Flickr old skool badge examples

On January 30th, pre-acquisition members of Flickr received an email. For those of you who didn’t receive the message, it looked something like this. The gist of the message was that, on or before March 15th 2007, us “old skool” members would have to roll our original Flickr usernames (our email addresses) into new or existing Yahoo! accounts.

Stick Wit U

Now, I’m not going to get involved with the discussion about the merits of this decision, especially since I’m going to have to create a special Yahoo! account just for Flickr (personal preference, yes, but only because I only use my existing Yahoo! account for communication with a few specific offline organizations, and combining them with Flickr just doesn’t make sense), but I thought in the spirit of us old skool members sticking with Flickr for so long, through thick and thin, I’d whip up an easy way to display our “age” (perhaps you’d prefer “steadfastness”?). So, with one month to go until the deadline, here they are: Flickr Old Skool Badges.

Badges? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges!

Each badge is a 48px x 48px transparent PNG, perfect for layering right on top of your existing Flickr profile image. Just right-click on the links below to save each image to your computer.

No usage restrictions, just credit me and link back here if you alter and redistribute them, and don’t redistribute the original versions (link directly to this entry).

Old Skool users rawk!




And The Nominees Are…

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

SXSW Interactive logo

The finalists for the 2007 SXSW Web Awards have been announced, and I’m humbled that SuperfluousBanter has been nominated in the Blog category (which, somewhat strangely for this site, is described as including “Sites that revolutionize the power of publishing by providing regularly updated content of a personal or professional nature.”—I won’t make a direct comment on the “regularly updated” part, though I’m sure Garrett might agree that I’ve revolutionized the art of getting traffic without posting…), in what seems to have been an incredibly difficult year for the judges to even select finalists.

I’m up against some tough competition, including a fellow Sidebar Creative founder:

Now, Twitter may be considered by some to have something of an edge, especially in the “number of authors” category, but it’s definitely revolutionary, and has become a blogging substitute for many people already. The other finalists can definitely hold their own, and frankly I think I peed a little when I read the list ;)

I’m honored to be in such company, and this may just be the final kick in the pants that I’ve needed to get off my duff and clean this place up—I mean, seriously, it’s like no one’s lived here for ages, and just left without washing the dishes in the sink…

Finally, don’t forget to cast your vote once a day in the People’s Choice awards. And I mean that: don’t vote for this site unless you actually enjoy it (and if you want to see more content, hint-hint ;) but make sure you vote for your favorite no matter what, every day.