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Introducing Sidebar Creative

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

Today, a new team is born. No, it’s not a new company (per se), but a collective of developers and designers who all share the same goals, run their own consultancies, are active in the web standards community, and want bigger and better things for the web community.

We are authors, designers, programmers, and thinkers. We love XHTML/CSS, we champion usability while striving for good looks (in our designs ;) and we love branding.

The list really goes on and on (we get along really well, we’re all musicians, etc.) but the most important thing is that together, we will be able to tackle larger projects than we could on our own (and perhaps more importantly, larger clients may approach us as a group where they might not individually) and have a ton of fun in the process.

So, who are we? As individuals, you may know the gang as Steve Smith, Jon Snook and Bryan Veloso. You can even listen to us ramble on about it on a brand new episode of Live from the 101. But it’s the sum of the parts that really makes this exciting.

We are Sidebar Creative, and we’re just getting started.