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Archive for November, 2002

What Do I Know?

Wednesday, November 13th, 2002

Todd Dominey has a really slick stylesheet switcher on his recently-restyled site (not much changed, mostly the CSS). I’m going to figure it out as my own little homework assignment for JavaScript, since I’m back to learning it again.

I’m thinking of using a stylesheet switcher on an upcoming site, and though I’ve been working with a method documented on ALA, Mr. Dominey’s approach is interesting enough to sidetrack me for a time…


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I Voted

Tuesday, November 5th, 2002

As is the tradition each year for 25% or so of American citizens, I cast my vote today in the Florida elections. Of primary concern is the race for Governor of the State, but there were 10 pages worth of other, somewhat smaller choices to be made.

Of slightly more interest to me this time however was a man (50-ish) in front of me in the line who refused to sign his name, raising his voice about this free country and that he shouldn’t have to sign his name in order to vote. I’m of two minds about this: I agree with him about the voting process not being completely free, since you are supposed to sign in before you can vote, but I also understand the need to prove each individual vote, should a discrepency arise. If there were to be problems with the vote down to an individual level (and with Florida’s recent election history, I wouldn’t rule anything out right now), there is a strong chance that each voter’s signature would help sort out the problem. Proof that an individual was present can negate claims of fraud, and who knows what else.

Not that I’m so familiar with the election system in this country that I have any basis for my opinion, but that is one of the nice things about this country after all: I can speak my mind, no matter what.

Oh, and the man who wouldn’t sign? They let him vote anyway :-)


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