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Why My Mum Chose Homeschooling

Thursday, March 31st, 2005

I was reminded today of the kind of non­sense that made my mother search out alter­na­tives to the pub­lic school sys­tem here in the U.S.. My younger brother, Alex, was edu­cated at home for the entire equiv­a­lent of the K-12 pub­lic sys­tem, while I only had to endure one year in “Pre-1st”, an exper­i­men­tal grade (at that time) intended for kindergarten-aged stu­dents who were more advanced than the stan­dard pro­gram was intended for. The rest of my stan­dard edu­ca­tion was man­aged by my dear mum, and chat­ting with her today she men­tioned one of the typ­i­cal run-ins she had with a school offi­cial dur­ing my “Pre-1st” days.