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Archive for August, 2004

New Beginnings…

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004

It’s been just over two years since my first post to SuperfluousBanter, and during that time I’ve redesigned the site, held a few contests, met tons of talented folks throughout the web standards design community, contributed a design to the CSS Zen Garden (apparently, though the design itself doesn’t appear to have been ripped off even once, quite a few of the subsequent submissions used my CSS as a starting point, ahem :-), written a chapter for a book on web standards, and parterned with a terrific designer (on this site and professionally).

With all of that, I’ve somehow managed to lose focus somewhere along the line, specifically where the continued development of this site and its content is concerned (and, directly tied to that, my own personal development in the fields of graphic design and web development). I let my commitment to this site slip from my priorities somewhere around the beginning of this year, and have felt my connection to the community slip along with it.

Promises can be made, but are worthless without action, so I won’t promise to you that SuperfluousBanter will be made new again, starting fresh now that Didier has established his own space in the ether. Instead, I will just do it, starting with the long-awaited redesign of SB, and an upgrade to MovableType 3.

I could list all the other things I’d love to do with SB, but I think the best way to approach this reentry into the community is one completed step at a time.