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Dude, That’s My Airbag

Sat­ur­day after­noon and nasty hang­over. “The airbag.ca domain can not be found.” Retry. No luck. What? Greg? Greg? No Greg? What? Dude, you can’t do this to me — you’re like my cup of cof­fee and cig­a­rette in the morn­ing, ermm, after­noon. This is so unfair. What am I sup­posed to do with­out your wit­ty words, thought­ful com­men­tary and styl­ish design?

Check email. Hur­ray, email from Greg!

So, it appears that thou­sands of Cana­di­an domains have been sus­pend­ed and are pend­ing imme­di­ate removal from the world wide web. Uh? I’m not sure as to why this is hap­pen­ing, or the ratio­nale behind this deci­sion for that mat­ter. In all hon­esty I don’t give a rat’s ass — airbag is alive and kick­ing, all­beit at a new address:


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This item was posted by dhilhorst on Saturday, June 12th, 2004.


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