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Archive for October, 2003


Pixel Patterns

Monday, October 27th, 2003

A while ago, I tried my hand at cre­at­ing pixel pat­terns for tiling back­grounds, and sub­mit­ted them to k10k’s pat­tern repos­i­tory. Recently, I came across a ter­rific site using one of my pat­terns, and show­ing it off to fan­tas­tic result. The per­sonal site of Jeff Croft uses one of my pixel pat­terns twice, and the result is won­der­ful. His site is very well designed, and one of the nicest blog designs I’ve seen.

Check it out, and leave him a nice com­ment or two about the patterns ;-)



Marlins 4, Yankees 2

Sunday, October 26th, 2003

Though some said it couldn’t be done, the Mar­lins have pulled off a win in the Championship-clinching game 6 of the World Series, beat­ing the Yan­kees 2–0, and win­ning the series 4–2.

Best of all, Josh Beck­ett pitched the entire game, and tagged the run­ner for the final out. Brilliant.



Giving Clients Access to PSD’s

Friday, October 24th, 2003

I’ve got a ques­tion for any of you with expe­ri­ence in graphic design regard­ing client access to orig­i­nal art­work (in my spe­cific case, orig­i­nal lay­ered Pho­to­shop files).

We have a client who has requested that we send them the orig­i­nal PSD file for the comps we’ve just pro­duced, since they are on a tight bud­get and feel they can more eas­ily exper­i­ment with the design and lay­out if they have the orig­i­nal file, as opposed to just telling us their thoughts about the design. We have a pol­icy in place which restricts access to the orig­i­nal source files, unless a client has specif­i­cally requested that access, and has paid for the priv­i­lege. This pol­icy exists because we’ve been burned in the past by “nice” clients whom we’ve trusted, who have skipped out on the remain­der of a project once we let them have copies of our source files.

I’d love some opin­ions on the best prac­tice for this sit­u­a­tion. How have you dealt with it before? What was the client’s reaction?

Be kind in the com­ments, as our clients read this site too :-)



Making Some Progress

Monday, October 20th, 2003

A few notes of inter­est, while we con­tinue to chip away at the ever-growing to-to list:

Keep check­ing in, we’ll be back soon…



Schools Switching from Macs to “Personal Computers”

Tuesday, October 7th, 2003

File this under the “bull­shit” cat­e­gory: Schools in Pinel­las County, Florida will be switch­ing from Macs to “Per­sonal Com­put­ers” for stu­pid rea­sons (aside from the fact that they appar­ently do not real­ize that Macs are per­sonal com­put­ers too).

One teacher is quoted stat­ing “With PCs, the kids should get more com­puter time” and “I usu­ally like to work with PCs, with Win­dow [sic] because you’re not lim­ited as much.” To quote fur­ther from the arti­cle, “Teacher Ten­ishela Bar­ganier says she remem­bers being ner­vous about the switch at first, but thinks per­sonal com­put­ers are a bet­ter tool for teach­ing students.”

And this from the District’s IT man­ager: “…the only sig­nif­i­cant cost fac­tor will be pay­ing two dif­fer­ent staffs to main­tain the two systems.”

I under­stand the basic con­cept behind the switch, but I don’t agree with giv­ing a false impres­sion that Macs are some­how infe­rior, when it’s more likely that the School District’s IT staff is sim­ply incompetent.