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Monday Update

Posting has been light, so to hold you over until a longer, more detailed post appears, here’s a list of what I’ve been up to, and some things still on the drawing board:

This item was posted by Dan Rubin on Monday, August 25th, 2003.


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2 comments on “Monday Update”

  1. Posted by Egor Kloos on Monday, August 25th, 2003.

    You do find time to sleep? Don’t you?

  2. Posted by Dan on Monday, August 25th, 2003.

    Occasionally, yes :-)

    Since you mentioned it, I’ve been averaging about 5 hours per night for the last few years. I’ve grown some nice bags under my eyes…

    I did allow myself 12 straight hours between Saturday night and Sunday afternoon; I can’t tell you how good that felt.