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Recent Adventures in Moblogging

I’m lucky enough to be a second-round beta tester for SixApart’s upcoming TypePad service, and I’ve just been having a blast posting via email (“Moblogging”).

My test site is Superfluous Life, and is light on content, and even lighter on design (for more on why I’m not messing with the code/layout/design, read this post).

Check it out, give me some traffic so I can test out the stats feature, and as an added bonus, you get to see my photo in the sidebar :-)

Although I’m not allowed to discuss details about TypePad and my experiences with it during the beta, I will say this: you or someone you know will want to use TypePad. I’m strongly considering keeping one active site running on TypePad once the service goes live.

This item was posted by Dan Rubin on Wednesday, July 16th, 2003.


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