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Next Week: Montreal

Saturday, June 28th, 2003

I’m trav­el­ing to Mon­treal (Canada, not Mis­souri or Wis­con­sin) this com­ing week (Mon­day through Sun­day) and I’d like to know if there’s anything/anywhere any­one can rec­om­mend I should see/visit while I’m there.

I know the Jazz fes­ti­val is tak­ing place, and that is already high on my to-do list, but that cer­tainly won’t use up my entire week, and I expect to have a lot of down time while I’m there.

Post your sug­ges­tions in the com­ments, thanks!



Not So Minimal

Tuesday, June 24th, 2003

It’s offi­cial: My first (well, sec­ond really; see below) entry to Dave Shea’s CSS Zen Gar­den has been accepted: Not So Minimal

My orig­i­nal sub­mis­sion was deemed too min­i­mal for Dave’s anti-minimal pol­icy (cov­ered in a pre­vi­ous post) — I don’t dis­agree with this judge­ment, though I still believe min­i­mal design is as valid a style as any other. “Not So Min­i­mal” is the result of a few extra hours spent with my orig­i­nal design, adding some color and the obvi­ous abstract image com­pos­ite for the header.

I’m work­ing now on a few more designs, this time with dif­fer­ent goals (more fluid designs, less grid-like lay­outs, etc.) — they should be ready in a few weeks (work per­mit­ting), and we’ll see how they fare once submitted.



Referrers Updated

Monday, June 23rd, 2003

Just an FYI really: I’ve upgraded to Refer 2.01 for this site’s Refer­rers section.

I have not fig­ured out (yet) how to trans­fer my old refer­rers to the new SQL table (any hints?), so for the time being the old refer­rers can still be viewed here.

Please for­give any glitches in the dis­play of the new Refer­rers sec­tion, since Dean Allen has added some new func­tions to Refer 2.01, and I haven’t yet updated all my CSS (nor have I actu­ally found every­thing which needs to be tweaked).


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Less Zen, More Garden

Sunday, June 22nd, 2003

After sub­mit­ting my first design to Dave Shea’s CSS Zen Gar­den, I have been informed that it is too min­i­mal­ist, and should be spiced up. To be fair, this is due to an anti-minimal pol­icy Dave Shea has for the Gar­den — there are a lot of designs out there that could be called “min­i­mal­ist” if one were attempt­ing not to hurt the designer’s feel­ings, and as such it is eas­ier for Dave to review each design (and accept/reject) with this sort of pol­icy in place.

The down side is that it neg­a­tively affects good min­i­mal­ist design, which I believe has to have a place in any show­case of the visual capa­bil­i­ties of a given tech­nol­ogy — just show­ing that design­ers can make vibrant, col­or­ful lay­outs full of pho­tog­ra­phy and cutting-edge typog­ra­phy doesn’t dis­play all the pos­si­bil­i­ties, where show­ing a wider vari­ety of lay­outs implies a more flex­i­ble design environment.

I’m going to revise my min­i­mal­ist lay­out (which, btw, was care­fully designed to make use of a more print-related grid, and a visual style which would more likely be found in a print pub­li­ca­tion) and add some touches which (hope­fully) will accom­plish two goals: mak­ing the design accept­able to Dave, with­out sac­ri­fic­ing too much of the orig­i­nal, min­i­mal­ist concept.

I have another design in progress, which, while a lit­tle more col­or­ful than my first attempt, is still on the min­i­mal­ist side of design styles. I plan to sub­mit it as-is, with no visual revi­sions, and see how it rates on Dave’s min­i­mal­ist scale.

Any and all designs will be posted here once accepted into the Garden.



Reinvigorate Your Stats

Thursday, June 19th, 2003

I just signed up for a neat lit­tle ser­vice: RE_INVIGORATE // Data Archiv­ing Ser­vices.

They pro­vide all sorts of web stats analy­sis, includ­ing browser type, plat­form, screen res­o­lu­tion, as well as mon­i­tor­ing hits and refer­rers (although for refer­rers I’m still hung up on Dean Allen’s Refer 2.0). The UI is very nice, and we’ll see over time if it becomes use­ful enough to add to my per­ma­nent arse­nal of web tools.

(via web-graphics)


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