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Archive for June, 2003


Next Week: Montreal

Saturday, June 28th, 2003

I’m traveling to Montreal (Canada, not Missouri or Wisconsin) this coming week (Monday through Sunday) and I’d like to know if there’s anything/anywhere anyone can recommend I should see/visit while I’m there.

I know the Jazz festival is taking place, and that is already high on my to-do list, but that certainly won’t use up my entire week, and I expect to have a lot of down time while I’m there.

Post your suggestions in the comments, thanks!



Not So Minimal

Tuesday, June 24th, 2003

It’s official: My first (well, second really; see below) entry to Dave Shea’s CSS Zen Garden has been accepted: Not So Minimal

My original submission was deemed too minimal for Dave’s anti-minimal policy (covered in a previous post) — I don’t disagree with this judgement, though I still believe minimal design is as valid a style as any other. “Not So Minimal” is the result of a few extra hours spent with my original design, adding some color and the obvious abstract image composite for the header.

I’m working now on a few more designs, this time with different goals (more fluid designs, less grid-like layouts, etc.) — they should be ready in a few weeks (work permitting), and we’ll see how they fare once submitted.



Referrers Updated

Monday, June 23rd, 2003

Just an FYI really: I’ve upgraded to Refer 2.01 for this site’s Referrers section.

I have not figured out (yet) how to transfer my old referrers to the new SQL table (any hints?), so for the time being the old referrers can still be viewed here.

Please forgive any glitches in the display of the new Referrers section, since Dean Allen has added some new functions to Refer 2.01, and I haven’t yet updated all my CSS (nor have I actually found everything which needs to be tweaked).


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Less Zen, More Garden

Sunday, June 22nd, 2003

After submitting my first design to Dave Shea’s CSS Zen Garden, I have been informed that it is too minimalist, and should be spiced up. To be fair, this is due to an anti-minimal policy Dave Shea has for the Garden — there are a lot of designs out there that could be called “minimalist” if one were attempting not to hurt the designer’s feelings, and as such it is easier for Dave to review each design (and accept/reject) with this sort of policy in place.

The down side is that it negatively affects good minimalist design, which I believe has to have a place in any showcase of the visual capabilities of a given technology — just showing that designers can make vibrant, colorful layouts full of photography and cutting-edge typography doesn’t display all the possibilities, where showing a wider variety of layouts implies a more flexible design environment.

I’m going to revise my minimalist layout (which, btw, was carefully designed to make use of a more print-related grid, and a visual style which would more likely be found in a print publication) and add some touches which (hopefully) will accomplish two goals: making the design acceptable to Dave, without sacrificing too much of the original, minimalist concept.

I have another design in progress, which, while a little more colorful than my first attempt, is still on the minimalist side of design styles. I plan to submit it as-is, with no visual revisions, and see how it rates on Dave’s minimalist scale.

Any and all designs will be posted here once accepted into the Garden.



Reinvigorate Your Stats

Thursday, June 19th, 2003

I just signed up for a neat little service: RE_INVIGORATE // Data Archiving Services.

They provide all sorts of web stats analysis, including browser type, platform, screen resolution, as well as monitoring hits and referrers (although for referrers I’m still hung up on Dean Allen’s Refer 2.0). The UI is very nice, and we’ll see over time if it becomes useful enough to add to my permanent arsenal of web tools.

(via web-graphics)


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