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Zen Inspiration

Thursday, May 29th, 2003

I’ve been inspired by Dou­glas Bowman’s sub­mis­sion to the CSS Zen Gar­denGolden Mean is an excel­lent exam­ple of what can be done with CSS and some good design skills (not that the other selec­tions are ter­ri­ble, quite the con­trary; how­ever, Dou­glas’ entry is absolutely stun­ning in my opinion).

I had been hold­ing off putting a design together for the Gar­den, pri­mar­ily because I’m already putting too many hours into non-profit projects (hmm, my bank account bal­ance only has 3 dig­its before the .00 — is that bad?), but now I’m deter­mined to put my skills to work — I can’t out­de­sign Mr. Bow­man, but I’ll do my best to con­tribute to the project and its purpose.

I’ll post updates when the design is complete.



On the Nightstand

Friday, May 23rd, 2003

I try to stay away from sim­ply pub­lish­ing lists, how­ever the fol­low­ing are caus­ing me great enjoy­ment (per­sonal and pro­fes­sional) at the moment:



I See A Pattern Forming…

Monday, May 19th, 2003

I’ve now offi­cially entered into the pattern-creation craze. Taste­ful pixel pat­terns are mak­ing a com­back as web site back­grounds (Todd Dominey’s What Do I Know? is one good exam­ple), and I’m almost fin­ished with a new project that uses a nice pat­tern for the back­ground, so I fig­ured it was time I cre­ated some of my own.

Enter K10k: Pat­terns.

My first two sub­mis­sions are Com­plex Gray and Dia­mond Blue (you can get to them directly by using the “View by name…” pop-up menu), and I’m pretty happy with the way they’ve turned out.



Love is in the Air

Monday, May 19th, 2003

Zeld­man is get­ting mar­ried to Car­rie.

I wish you two all the best, and look for­ward to many good things to come from this union of bril­liant souls.

Con­grats Big Z!


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Recent Site Additions

Saturday, May 17th, 2003

Those of you who visit this site daily will have noticed a few spo­radic changes over the last week. This site (if you didn’t real­ize it already) is being redesigned in pub­lic (polite nod to Zeld­man), and as such you may need to reload the page to see every­thing cor­rectly. You might even need to reload the stylesheet(s) to see the changes:

The style switcher in the side­bar has been con­verted to images (rather than the orig­i­nal text for­mat), so it takes up less ver­ti­cal space and thus can be left vis­i­ble at all times. An addi­tional alter­nate color scheme has been added as an homage to Dar­ing­Fire­ball, Jon Gru­bers ter­rific blog. I hope he doesn’t sue me or anything…

Also added is a rotat­ing image on the home page and a few sub-pages. The script used to select and dis­play the ran­dom images is by Charles Dietlein, and it kicks butt.

Please com­ment on these changes/additions, and let me know if there’s any­thing else you’d like to see me try :-)