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Archive for January, 2003


Newton Web Server

Thursday, January 16th, 2003

This is too cool: I just picked up (finally) an Apple Newton MessagePad 2100 (the last model Apple ever produced), and I’ve set about turning it into a web server, using some nifty software by the name of NPDS (Newton Personal Data Sharing).

I’ll apparently be getting into Newton stuff in much more depth in the near future, since I am now so completely taken with this darling of a machine. I’m already turning into a full-fledged Newton Junkie™. If you are a fan of the Newton, you might want to check out Newted.net, a great community site for Newton owners.

Oh, go ahead and visit my Newton: newton.webgraph.com:8088 — it may not be available all the time, but most hours of the day I intend to have it up and running. If I start having too much fun with the Newton itself, I may have to buy another one just so I can play :-)


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XHTML 2 Woes

Tuesday, January 14th, 2003

Well, it seems that a few folks are getting a little riled by the proposed XHTML 2 spec. To gain a little insight (and some colorful phrasing), read Semantic obsolescence [dive into mark], and

XHTML 2 and all that [zeldman].

Mark Pilgrim also has a ton of links and terrific descriptions of some of the more technical aspects of accessible web building. Check it out.


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Let’s Go On Safari

Tuesday, January 7th, 2003

Apple’s Safari is now my browser of choice on OS X. Chimera is a solid #2, but the pure speed of Safari just blows me away. This is just 15 minutes after downloading the beta version.

The additional features (SnapBack, WHOO-HOO!) are stellar, especially the bookmark management, which I believe will make Windows (and OS 9) users salivate.

Safari is not the only new application announced by Apple today, but it is surely the coolest. Did I mention it fully supports web standards? Knowing Apple, I bet its support of said standards is really support, and I’m looking forward to testing many CSS layouts in Safari tonight…

Oh, and if anyone wants to buy me a 17″ Powerbook G4, I won’t object :-)


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MT Text Formatting

Friday, January 3rd, 2003

Ben and Mena have done it again (or rather, will be doing it again…): Six Log: Simple and Powerful Text Formatting.

In the “good news to start the year” category, the forthcoming Text Formatting options to be added to MovableType in the near future will add a great deal of scope and usability to MT. Webgraph is already developing plans to use MT as the standard CMS for new clients, and this new feature will only make it easier for us to sell new clients the concept of a CMS. We’ve been loading up with plugins for a while now, adding the functionality that we anticipate most clients needing out of MT, but Text Formatting is the big one, and it sounds like the new options will go beyond those of any current plugin.

Thanks guys!


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For Auld Lang Syne

Wednesday, January 1st, 2003

Drinking a cup of kindness for you all.


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