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Zeldman’s Gear. That’s what I’m calling it.

This humongous orange gear (400×400 pixels) occupies most of the “above the fold” area of Zeldman.com, and has for over a week now.

I just think it’s a bit much. I view the web on a 17in screen set to 1280×1024, but I have all my browser windows set to 800×600 so I get a more realistic view of the web as my potential clients and their customers might see it. I have spent more time scrolling on Zeldman’s site this past week than on any other. Of course, I check his site about 3 times a day to see if he’s posted anything new, and maybe that’s a little excessive, but I think I still have a good argument against his use of such a large graphic on his homepage.

Perhaps he’s trying to prove a point to someone. Maybe a new client really, really wants a large graphic on their homepage, and Zeldman asked them nicely if they would mind visiting his site over the next few days, and see how they liked the effect.

Who knows. Who cares, really. I just thought I’d mention it. Anyway, he’s not supposed to be a graphics whiz, just a well-written web standards pundit. OK, so he’s made some pretty snazzy sites too.

Aw hell. Goodnight.

This item was posted by Dan Rubin on Tuesday, January 28th, 2003.


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