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Merry X-Mas

You may already be aware that I make the learning tapes for my chorus, as learning aids they are wonderful, and they speed the memorization process. Well, my favorite one yet (it’s fun singing with yourself :-) happens to be Deck The Halls, so I am going to share it with you for the holidays:


Please let me know what you think — I’m not above accepting ego-boosting praise, nor will constructive criticism fall upon deaf ears. I think you’ll like it though, and I get a little giddy each time I listen to it; there’s really nothing like layering 7 parts together yourself and hearing the final result come together so perfectly (produced on low-end home equipment, no less).

Enjoy! And please, share it with others (or at least, share a link back to this site).

This item was posted by Dan Rubin on Saturday, December 14th, 2002.


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