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Deck The Halls

Well, the chorus performed the toughest piece of music it has ever learned this past Sunday: Deck The Halls.

The arrangement is a 6 part (7 parts in one measure) chart by Gene Puerling (one of these days I promise I’ll get around to finishing the puerling.com project…) of Hi-Lo’s and Singers Unlimited fame. Since barbershop singers spend most of their time singing and thinking in four-part harmonies, this was definitely a departure.

We’ve been working on the song for about two months now, letting everyone get used to the more jazz-like chords, and teaching the chorus how to tune and balance non-barbershop chords (the chorus has non-barbershop songs in its repertoire, lots of big-band and swing tunes, but the chords are still fairly consonant). This Sunday, they pulled it off.

I’m very proud :-)

This item was posted by Dan Rubin on Friday, December 13th, 2002.


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