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Oh What A Feeling

Early Friday evening I began experiencing alternating bouts of cold shivers and sweating, accompanied by muscle aches everywhere. By Saturday morning, I had developed a fever of 101, and my tonsils were inflamed, along with my lymph nodes, and I had a severe sore throat and headache (the shivering and sweating had not subsided).

I remained in that condition for the duration of Saturday, and by Sunday the only thing that had changed was my temperature (down to 100). There were a few less-pleasant things as well, but no need to get into those here.

This afternoon, not feeling any better, I visited my doctor, and she wasn’t sure if it is the flu, or something else, so she took a throat culture (great quartet name, hmm?) and prescribed me 5 days worth of antibiotics (subject to change based on the results from the throat culture).

More details as they come…

This item was posted by Dan Rubin on Tuesday, November 19th, 2002.


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