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Flying High

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2002

Well, another Dis­trict con­test has come and gone, though this year was a lit­tle more inter­est­ing than others.

My brother (Alex) and I decided on a whim to com­pete again (our quar­tet Auto­graph won the Dis­trict title last year) just for fun, with a few guys from Tampa. Three of us sang a non-regular voice part (Alex sang Bari­tone, our Lead, Tim, is a Tenor in real life, and I sang Tenor, and of course I should stick to Bari­tone…), and were sure that one of the two decent quar­tets in the con­test would surely best our performance.


So, in what we are pretty sure is a first for the Sun­shine Dis­trict (a site not designed by web­graph btw), Alex and I are now repeat Dis­trict Cham­pi­ons in back-to-back years.

Need­less to say, there is an awful lot of whin­ing and bitch­ing to be heard, as is always the case when peo­ple try to blame their mis­for­tunes on some­one else’s actions. Heck, the sec­ond place quar­tet actu­ally was in first place after the first round; they only lost because of a poor per­for­mance on Sat­ur­day night. That’s competition.

Aside from the results of the quar­tet con­test, our cho­rus did rather well, plac­ing 3rd to Tampa and Jack­sonville (Jack­sonville had 45 men on stage, Tampa nearly 90, while we made due with only 23), and beat­ing Win­ter Park, our cur­rent arch-rivals, by a mere 12 points. The nice thing about the vic­tory is that we were going to be com­pet­ing as a com­bined cho­rus this year, that is until Win­ter Park pulled out of the deal less than two months ago. The one song our cho­rus had already been work­ing on by then was also their best con­test bal­lad, and we decided to keep it and just beat them with their own song. Well, we actu­ally ended up tying exactly on the bal­lad, but we edged them out on our uptune :-)

There will of course be indi­vid­u­als who will always hold a grudge against Alex and me because of what tran­spired in the quar­tet con­test this week­end, but those peo­ple and their per­son­al­i­ties can­not be helped. Alex and I have both been in many los­ing sit­u­a­tions before, and the only rea­son we con­tinue to improve is that we take each loss and fig­ure out what we could have done bet­ter, then we do it.

Focus my friends, focus.


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Site Tweaked

Monday, October 21st, 2002

The afore­men­tioned fixes required for this site to prop­erly val­i­date have been completed.

I’d like to thank the Academy…


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Site Tweaks

Monday, October 21st, 2002

The val­i­da­tion prob­lems have been fixed; the delay was mostly due to a lack of knowl­edge on my part that I had cre­ated prob­lems while mess­ing around with list styles.

I’m still hav­ing a prob­lem with the 508 val­i­da­tion, but that should be fixed shortly.

Thanks for tun­ing in.


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