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Monday, July 29th, 2002

If you’ve heard George Carlin’s “Stuff” routine, and can relate to it, you might be able to picture this scene:

This weekend my brother and I decided to lower the “Stuff” level in our “storage area” (read: front porch) by a foot or two. Really.

We are collectors. Not in the professional sense, but more in the “see something that might be worthwhile and take it home” sense. Mostly we do this with computers and their related parts. More often than not these are Apple Macintosh items, although occasionally we’ve been known to let a PC slip through.

We spent most of Saturday pulling things outside, testing them (plug in, turn on, whoops I guess that one doesn’t work, cannibalize, repeat) and adding most of them to the pile of garbage. By the end of our session we had cleared about a foot and a half of height from our front porch, uh, I mean, storage area, and ended up with a pile of working 72-pin SIMMs (archaic, yes, but they’re still useful for something!), a Mac floppy drive or two, a few HUGE 230MB – 500MB SCSI drives (whoo-hoo!) and a working Mac 6000-series, and one generic PC (Pentium 1 I think) that works, but needs a larger hard drive if we want to use it for anything (like, say, RedHat).

This doesn’t include all the stuff we put back in the trunk of my car (a Mac Classic, a Mac 128k motherboard, Mac II, Mac IIcx, a few old SCSI hard drives, original Mac keyboards and mice, etc.) which may someday be tested, and of course is potentially useful until that day arrives.


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Friday, July 26th, 2002

Another long and tiring rehearsal has passed for the chorus, but not without progress, which is what makes me keep going back there for more punishment each week ;-)

It was so intense tonight, working the power-ballad and introducing a new uptune for the Fall contest, that my neck is killing me and the accompanying headache is not helping at all. Sigh.

If they didn’t have so much damn potential, it wouldn’t be worth half the effort. But that’s what makes the difference between them and any other chorus within reasonable driving distance (and many others around the country). They have potential and are willing to work to realize it, even though they are not yet completely confident in their abilities.

One of these days we’ll be able to fund a CD, then you’ll be able to hear them (you could always come to a concert if you live in S. Fla.) — it’s a treat.


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Learning DNS

Thursday, July 25th, 2002

Well, I’m supposed to actually know about DNS and BIND already, as I’ve been acting as a BIND administrator for about 5 years running, but nevertheless something bit me on the ass today.

I’m not exactly sure what happened, but I had to completely replace a few files that looked just fine.

Gotta love technology :-)


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Learning OS X

Wednesday, July 24th, 2002

I usually like the learning process. I’ve never really hated it (well, except Math…) until today.

I’m supposed to set up a Mac OS X Server machine to run MySQL, PostgreSQL, and a few other toys, so the box can be used for commercial web hosting. I say supposed to because I don’t actually know anything about OS X, or Unix, or any SQL at all!

I have until the end of the weekend to completely learn those technologies to perfection, so the machine can accept new hosting clients by Monday morning. I am anticipating many problems.

If you are an SQL or OS X wizard, please shoot me an email, then I can maybe retain some shred of sanity over the next few days.


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P.S. I Love You

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2002

Just in case you are one of the unfortunates who happen to have landed here while I’m still building the site, please remember that it is “under construction” (evil phrase, I know).

Because of this, some links might not work, some of the layout/text/graphics might look really bad, and some stuff might just seem dumb. That’s OK with me, since I’ll be fixing it shortly, but I wanted to cover my bases with you, the Live Studio Audience just in case any of you are obsessive-compulsive or anything…


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